When Shit Happens

when shit happens banner - clean it up and move on... be ts hall @zenResultsYou plan. You rehearse. Your prepare and practice. And you’re ready as you’ll ever be.

Geronimo… your off to do your thing…

BUT, no plan survives contact with the Real World and inevitably your wallowing in shit, most often someone else’s shit. What’s an old soul to do?

Just clean up the mess and take the next step.

The funny thing about having to clean up shit is how good you can get at the cleanup then quickly and moving on.

Eventually, something dawns on you.

You realize you can’t recall the last time shit happened that you had to clean up. You’ve not only become a cleanup expert. You’ve become an expert at spotting the signs that foreshadow a shit-storm.

The key takeaway for you to try on to see if it feels right to you is this…

Don’t resist the shit, embrace it as something that physical creatures create. The moment you stop getting dramatic or resisting or getting angry and frustrated when life drops a big, heaping pile of poo, is the moment you’ve started winning the game of life.

Your results will still happen when they happen (in-time and on-time), but each next step you take brings you one step closer having the results you want to bring about.

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