Why Meditate Twice A Day

To Start Taking Charge of Your Life, Meditate Twice A Day

There is but one thing that we can be in absolute control of, and that’s how we think. As a Spiritualist Minister, I know that thoughts are things, that they are real. It’s my “personal truth” and a “tribal truth” for many others.
Since thoughts are things, the fastest way to start taking charge of our life is to start taking charge of your thinking so you can produce the “right thought” that changes your life.

Stillness Meditation Works Best

The best meditation to take control of your thinking is Stillness Meditation. Stillness meditation is the complete absence of thinking, no thoughts what so ever.
For me, stillness meditation is life intermittent fasting for your brain. You give your brain a break from thinking to allow your emotions to calm down, and this will enable you to see things as they are.
Here’s a quick-start video I prepared explaining this 10 minutes, twice daily meditation practice.

Once you can see things as they are, then you can begin thinking through the solutions to life’s challenges and problems and create actionable decisions.
Next, the essential step in taking charge of your life is acting on those decisions.

But Why Meditate Twice A Day?

I don’t know about you, but for me, life seems a bit chaotic from time to time. You’re probably thinking yeah, duh Captain Obvious.
And I’m willing to bet that you are either a morning person or not so much a morning person. Captain Obvious again. Right?
When we add a twice-daily meditation practice to our life, there will be one time of day when it’s easy to implement. But squeezing in that second meditation will take something.
For me, it’s easy to meditate first thing in the morning, it ritualized (well except when the grandkids are here).

My morning ritual: I wake up. I pee. I meditate. Frist meditation, done.

My second practice (sit), not so much. I squeeze it in when I can. Sometimes I’m getting ready for bed before I make time, which isn’t ideal (but that’s a whole different story).
A twice-daily meditation practice works because it allows us to interrupt our unconscious patterns with a quick consciousness break.
The path to stilling the mind is quite different just after we wake up than when we’ve been dealing with life’s chaos for 12 hours.

We Create A Well Worn Path To Stillness

Over time, we begin to create a well-worn path to the peaceful harmony of no-thoughts. Once we get there (the mental intermittent fast), we can raise our awareness just a bit to a place of thinking tranquility or quiet receptivity. In this quiet place, we can see things are they are and regroup our thoughts to choose our next best step forward, and with a sense of renewed vigor and certainty, take that step.
Life becomes quite different when you Start Taking Charge and consciously take each step into the future you’ve always wanted.