Train the Beast to Free the Spirit

We’re all animals, beasts in every sense of the word.

image od ts hall the righactioneer with quote train the beast to free the spiritBUT as human animals, we have one big difference… We have oversized brains that allow for abstract thought.

Therefore there’s good news and bad news…

The good news being we can learn lessons by inference. Said differently, we can learn from the mistakes others have made.

The bad news is our brains and bodies are hard-wired to survive (fight, run, or freeze). Our other hard-wiring includes sexual attraction and seeking protection and security.

Out survival skills are reinforced by those who reared us.

Fortunately, our big brains allow for another big advantage. We can perceive and conceptualize a Spirit-Self.

Through specific spiritual practices, we can directly experience the presence of our Spirit.

Here’s a quick overview of how to connect with or “Free” your spirit.

STEP 1: Train the beast (your brain and body) to follow your commands.
STEP 2: Train your brain to become quiet (enter a state of thinking tranquility) on-command in a few seconds.
STEP 3: Allow your Spirit-Self to inform your brain with its “metaphysical” information and perspectives avoiding delusion above all else.

Once you can connect with your Spirit on-command and free from delusion, you’ve opened the spiritual eyes of your soul and created the possibility of unleashing mental capabilities that are virtually limitless in power.

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