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Quashing Anxiety and Depression

how to quash anxiety and depression by ts hall - the stoic medium

Quashing anxiety and depression is essential for true health and happiness. But how? There seem to be countless options, from medications to diet and exercise. But what works? The following is a simple three step solution to end anxiety and depression’s paralyzing consequences. Please NOTE: This not a quick fix. Nor will it completely quash …

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10 by 2 Meditation

10 by 2 meditation practice

You already know that meditation is the foundation of spiritual growth. The 10 by 2 meditation practice is the best method for psychics, healers and mediums to master for on-command performance of their abilities. 10 by 2 mediation is meditating 10 minutes, twice each day. The meditation practice has two 5-minute segments. Five minutes of …

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The Five Deadly Meditation Sins

5 deadly meditation sins by ts hall - the stoic medium

To sin is to miss the mark. As with all practice, meditation sins are a natural part of mastering a skill or ability. A master can still their mind on-command. Here are the fives most common ways people miss the mark in their meditation practices — in no particular order. Having a goal vs an …

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