Quiet Your Mind – Find Your Truth

quiet your mind with stillness meditation

The answers you seek are as unique to you as your DNA. Just as your fingerprints are yours alone (even identical twin’s fingerprints are unique), your success formula is uniquely yours. Fortunately, there is a custom designed owner’s manual exclusively for you. BUT it’s buried beneath the thunder of your mind. To find your owner’s …

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10 by 2 Meditation

10 by 2 meditation practice

You already know that meditation is the foundation of spiritual growth. The 10 by 2 meditation practice is the best method for psychics, healers and mediums to master for on-command performance of their abilities. 10 by 2 mediation is meditating 10 minutes, twice each day. The meditation practice has two 5-minute segments. Five minutes of …

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The Five Deadly Meditation Sins

5 deadly meditation sins by ts hall - the stoic medium

To sin is to miss the mark. As with all practice, meditation sins are a natural part of mastering a skill or ability. A master can still their mind on-command. Here are the fives most common ways people miss the mark in their meditation practices — in no particular order. Having a goal vs an …

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Introvert To Introvert: How To Quiet The Drunk Monkey In Your Head

introvert to introvert - quieting the drunken monkey

If you’re an introvert like me, the problem is simple—what happens inside your head is nothing like your calm and serene exterior. Not even close. I’ve learned to quiet drunken monkey that resides in my head with the following three practices and exercises. Meditation. Duh right. Not just any type of meditation, but stillness meditation …

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Health & Happiness Weekly: October 22-28, 2018

healthy & happy weekly update by ts hall-the stoic medium

Spiritual Power For Beginners How To Recharge Your Spiritual Batteries For Linda, 1+1 Kept Adding Up To 3. But Why? Make Fewer Promises WTF Is Happiness Anyway? Just “One Thing.” I Scream. You Scream….

I Scream. You Scream….

costco pumpkin pie, a cause for moderation

We all scream for ice cream. YUM! When I grew up we ate TV dinners for supper and were treated to ice cream and a just-reward for being a “such a good boy.” Today, due to a Costco Pumpkin Pie hangover, I’m reflecting on moderation. Specifically, on my life in the context of the Eubie …

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Make Fewer Promises

resentment anger promises

When I first met Sean, he was a hot mess with no clue how to get out of the hole he’d dug for himself. Sean couldn’t sit still for more than a minute without fidgeting. His nerves were gone. His vibration felt like his awareness was always directed over his shoulder. Sean scheduled a spiritual …

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