define: Love

define love - by ts hall-the stoic medium

Love is harmony brought about by acceptance. Harmony is the result of adherence to these simple rules: Moderation Avoid excess in all things. Walk the middle path, the straight and narrow.  Non-interference Never causing anyone to do anything they would not have already done. To interfere requires deliberate intent. Accidents are not interference. This is …

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Health & Happiness Weekly: October 22-28, 2018

healthy & happy weekly update by ts hall-the stoic medium

Spiritual Power For Beginners How To Recharge Your Spiritual Batteries For Linda, 1+1 Kept Adding Up To 3. But Why? Make Fewer Promises WTF Is Happiness Anyway? Just “One Thing.” I Scream. You Scream….

Spiritual Power For Beginners

spiritual power and light

A wellspring of spiritual power for beginners… Within you is a wellspring of spiritual power. It’s infinite. It’s of the same nature as the universe. This source. This higher power. This light is your Spirit. The essence of you. The never ending you. You know it exists. You feel its presence from time to time. …

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Organic Spirituality and Practice

kiwadine - communion with all therie is, unity, the highest form of love...

I stand in quietly in a forest, small and humbled by the grandeur and beauty I behold. Birds, squirrels, deer, rabbits, skunks, ants, termites, a wood pecker looking for lunch. I walked into this space separate, alone and afraid. I now stand in harmonious communion, at one with all there is. Unified. As I stand …

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