Spiritual Healing Myths and Delusions

Lte’sImagine a white tail deer bounding through the woods.

If this lovely creature’s foot lands in a hole, breaking its leg, the deer will die. That is unless a human being intervenes to help. To see human compassion at its best check our Dr. Oakley, Yukon Vet on Hulu.

While there are countless techniques, methods, and modalities of medicine and healing; there is a one single source of healing—the human mind.god doesn't konw your name and doesnt care about you

Modern medicine and medical care is constantly evolving, but spiritual healing hasn’t changed over the millennia.

All of which have one thing in common. The human mind.

These are the biggest spiritual healing delusions and myths:

  • Prayer alone heals.
  • Everyone can be healed.
  • Modern medicine is never needed.
  • Reiki Energy is intelligent.
  • Crystals have healing properties.
  • If one healer is good, many are better.

The simple truth is that if any of these myths were true, there will be no illness or death on our planet.

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