Who’s your buddy? Who’s your pal?

You know it’s there.

image quote - your biggest fan and champion for your causes is your spirit-self - ts hall the right actioneerYou’ve heard its voice from time to time in your dreams, gut-feelings, intuitions, hunches, and premonitions.

When you hear it, it’s always right on and deadly accurate, informing you about people, situations, circumstances, and events.

BUT where is it when you need it the most?

This information is from your spirit-self. The part of you that continues living after your body dies. We mostly collapse or fail to differentiate, the differences between your spirit-self and your soul.

Your soul ceases to exist when your body dies and is the biochemical mechanism that makes life possible. When your spirit leaves your body, the soul can stay active for several minutes. Your soul is what makes organ transplants possible by keeping our tissues biochemically viable in the absence of a spirit entity.

The spirit you hosts your mind and when not incarnate is a specialized type of static electrical charge that doesn’t dissipate when grounded.

NOW here is the fun part. When the spirit you steps into a body, it creates an exact genetic copy of your DNA. This exact copy contains psychic senses that have none of the limitations of your physical senses and is the source of our #intuition, gut-feelings, hunches, and premonitions.

When our brains are quiet, this information is easily perceived. When our minds are too busy and our emotions running amuck, we can’t see this information from our biggest fan…

Our spirit-self.

The best way to connect with your spirit self’s information is with a “stillness” #meditation practice which allows you to quiet your mind’s chatter and calm your emotions on-command so you can learn how information from your soul “feels” different from the information from your spirit.

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