Life’s Speed Bumps Suck, Or Do They

You’re driving along, enjoying the journey, and making good time. Then out of nowhere, there’s a speed bump across your path. Bummer.

About 4 years ago, #wifey and I moved into a new place. We love the place. But depending on which you drive to my home, there are between two and five speed bumps. I didn’t realize how much speed bumps annoyed me. That is until I had to deal with them on a regular basis driving to and from my home.

spiritually speaking life's speed bumpsAbout a year ago, something interesting happened. I was driving home getting ready to negotiation my way around the first of two speed bumps. When I noticed how annoyed and pissed off at having to negotiate the speed bumps. I accepted that they are there and will always be there. I slowed to an appropriate speed and drove over the first, then the other and continued on my way.

Being aware of my speed bump annoyance allows me to see other areas of unconsciousness. What I’ve learned is that I’ve spent most of my adult life getting annoyed and pissed off at things that don’t matter. They don’t matter because I can’t change them.

By becoming aware of my reactions to what I can’t change, I can now choose my actions. I’m no longer distracted from what I’m doing and where I’m going in life.

Another benefit of accepting speed bumps as a fact of life is watching how others cross them. I’m entertained by the antics of those still annoyed by life’s speed bumps.

I smile at the reminder and use it as a prompt to see where else I’m unconscious.

The next time your path has a speed bump crossing it, notice your thoughts. Become aware of your thoughts, attitude, and intended actions.

Whatever you discover, it’s perfect. But ask yourself if those thoughts and the resulting attitude and actions serve you.

Let’s start getting happy!

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