Sneak Peak at our new Spiritual Growth Platform

We’re inching closer to launching our new spiritual growth and development platform… Get details below.


One Website for Spirit360 Fellowship

and Old Soul Academy  😃  

Our new platform will host both the Tribe and the School… No more jostling around to find out what’s where. There are four (4) main sections of the new site…

  • the Chapel: 👀
    • To attend live services, you will simply go to, then click the Chapel button and you will have everything you need to join us for live, online spiritualist church services.
  • the Zendo: 👀
    • To attend live classes and boot camps, again go to, then click on the Zendo button and you will have everything you need to join us for our live, online psychic and healing classes.
  • the Academy:  👀
    • To take our on-demand classes, you guessed it, go to, then click the Academy button and you will see all of our classes in one place.
  • the Journal:  👀
    • To watch our services, get you messages, and healings, you will go to the Journal which is our Spirituality and Growth Blog. This is the archive of our work.

We have quite a few things to get done and sorted out, but before you know it, our community of like minds and kindred spirits will have an online home where we can connect, study, practice and grow.

Again, thank you for your patience and see ya Sunday.