Quiet Your Mind – Find Your Truth

quiet your mind with stillness meditationThe answers you seek are as unique to you as your DNA. Just as your fingerprints are yours alone (even identical twin’s fingerprints are unique), your success formula is uniquely yours.

Fortunately, there is a custom designed owner’s manual exclusively for you. BUT it’s buried beneath the thunder of your mind.

To find your owner’s manual requires a quiet mind and calm emotions. Imagine quietly and calmly walking your path always knowing what your next best step should be, then taking that step knowing exactly where it will take you.

This is mastery and what you master is the art and science of you.

This level of on-command quietude and calmness requires a specific type of meditation. That practice is stillness meditation. Stillness meditation is the complete absence of thought and is a twice-daily practice for 10-minutes.

There are two steps to stillness meditation. STEP 1: Focus on a single thought for 5 minutes. STEP 2: Release that thought and drift down to no-thoughts for 5 minutes.

I use the Insight Timer app for my practice.

Is stillness worth the effort? Only you can decide that. Trust your gut feeling about this being right for you or not.

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