Quashing Anxiety and Depression

how to quash anxiety and depression by ts hall - the stoic mediumQuashing anxiety and depression is essential for true health and happiness.

But how? There seem to be countless options, from medications to diet and exercise. But what works?

The following is a simple three step solution to end anxiety and depression’s paralyzing consequences.

Please NOTE: This not a quick fix. Nor will it completely quash your anxiety and depression forever. But you will starting getting unstuck and producing results within about 3-weeks.

To cure anything, we must find it’s core, the root of the problem. With anxiety and depression, the root is the same. You are not living in the present moment. But rather you are dwelling in the past or “horribleizing” your future.

To quash these happiness killers, you must discover how to be present in the here and now, existing in this moment of time. The tool for existing here and now, in the moment, is awareness.

Awareness is consciously choosing where your attention is directed. By having your mind attending to exactly where your body is provides the most basic level of presence.

Meditation brings your mind to same moment with your physical body.

Step One, in quashing anxiety and depression, is to meditate. Go here to learn our recommended meditation practice…

Once your mind and body are present in the same location we can then “think about what we will think about.” This sounds weird I know. But by consciously picking and choosing your thoughts you exercise control over the most powerful tool in the Universe.

Step two, in quashing anxiety and depression, is controlling your thoughts. The best practice to reel in your thoughts is to write in a journal.

Many people feel that writing is thinking, which I agree to a certain extent.

When you write in a journal, you delegate your “thinking via writing.” By pulling out of your mind, your past experiences and future concerns, freedoms begin to take form. From that form, you reshape what will best serve you rather than allowing fear to keep you stuck.

Step three is taking an action. Through your meditation practices and writing you will discern what actions will produces the best results. Then plan and take your actions accordingly.

Your life changes.

Spoiler alert, here is the special sauce; the magic beans; the show stopper… It really is this simple. Too simple for most.

Quashing anxiety and depression happens when you are here and now consciously thinking through your situation to pick the next step to take.

We call this process the 3Rs. After two to three weeks, you will create solutions to your problems. More importantly, you will begin taking actions that get the best results.

Health and happiness become easy when your consciously choose your thoughts and allow them to inform you actions and manifest the life you’ve always wanted.

It does seem too simple, doesn’t it?

But isn’t that the way it is for all of life’s best things?