How To Master Your Psychic Abilities

how to develop psychic, mediumship and healing abilities

You seek that which is invisible expecting it to appear as though visible. You seek love as though it were gold; when seeking the Spiritual, limit it not by your physical understanding.

A message from my Spirit Teacher, Tau Chuan Ling.

OpEd: I’ve been teaching people how to develop their psychic, healing and mediumship abilities off and on since the late 1980s. If you want to learn and master a topic, start teaching it.

Here are some of the problems I’ve seen people encounter as they begin to train and develop their abilities as psychics, mediums and healers.

  • They don’t want to do the work.
  • They expect things to be a certain way.
  • They think about doing it rather than doing it.
  • They expect mastery in minutes.
  • They read too many books rather than cultivate their experiences.
  • They kid or delude themselves about what’s happening or not happening.

The Work:
There is no weekend seminar that will make you a healer, psychic or medium. This process is an endeavor that takes time to understand, develop and master.

Your Expectations:
Lord I wish the psychic, mediumship and healing world were as fantastical as Hollywood and some authors make it out to be. The simple fact is there is very little different in your Spiritual Development than your human development. The differences are subtle yet profound. Be sure to discern them properly.

Do It:
Our minds adapt to new information and situations very rapidly. It’s part of our physical evolution that helps us survive. This wonderful mechanism hinders our ability to heal and perform psychic tasks. Once our mind figures out what we want it to do, it fabricates shortcuts to save time and energy; freeing up space to protect us from danger.

Minute Man Mastery:
Being Jesus just doesn’t happen in a day or two. You may have wonderful psychic and spiritual experiences from time to time, but to develop on-command performance requires commitment and discipline to your practices. The way to mastery has no shortcuts.

Too Much Reading:
Too many people write books to make money and not to teach you the simple way that works in training and developing your mind to receive psychic information or communications from Spirit. I do not read books on this topic. Rather than spend my time with someone else’s perceived experiences, I spend my time practicing what I know to work. Developing your Psychic and Spiritual Abilities not unlike a dieting. There are countless books claiming to show you how to succeed when you already know what will work, but aren’t doing what it takes to get the results you want.

The enemy of your psychic and spiritual development is delusion. Please know that delusion is a double sided sword. Some people kid themselves they are doing something they are not. And others kid themselves about how good they are at what they are practicing. Both are dangerous. See what is happening without judgment and progress accordingly.

As has been said many times, we are Spiritual Beings in Physical Bodies which does make sense from the physical perspective. What makes more sense to me is that we are here and now walking our path toward perfection while learning to see past the delusions of the outward senses.