Organic Spirituality and Practice

I stand in quietly in a forest, small and humbled by the grandeur and beauty I behold.

kiwadine - communion with all therie is, unity, the highest form of love...Birds, squirrels, deer, rabbits, skunks, ants, termites, a wood pecker looking for lunch.

I walked into this space separate, alone and afraid.

I now stand in harmonious communion, at one with all there is. Unified.

As I stand amidst the magnificence of life, a tree falls.

An ancient sentinel whose watched over this peaceful place for centuries. The knower of secrets and the keeper of the same. This old soul’s time is over. My friend fell slowly at first, then with a sudden rush and startling shudder. A small tug at my heart as a quietness again spread over this spanse of forest.

The tug at my heart, a bitter sweet longing for the loss of a old friend making their way to the other side. Returning home. Taking the next step in their evolution toward perfection.

Simultaneously, I felt love, longing, acceptance, and a subtle recognizable sense of losing of something that will never be again. Yet knowing its change is the way of all living things.

This experience is kiwadine, the highest form of love. Not of the physical but rather of the spiritual connection between all beings.

Goodbye my old friend. Thank you for being you.

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