WTF Is Happiness Anyway? Just “One Thing.”

Yesterday, like every other day, the sun rose and the sun set.

Me, you and everyone is one day closer to dying (just say’n).

Yesterday, you did some stuff (some of that stuff needed doing and some didn’t).

Yesterday, you didn’t do some stuff (some of that stuff definitely needed doing).

In all of yesterday’s doingness, were you happy?

If so, bravo! You know your “One Thing,” carry on.

If not, there’s something missing, just “One Thing.”

Curly from the movie City Slickers (see the clip below) has best the best explanation of “One thing,” I’ve ever heard…

“Just one thing and you stick to that and everything else don’t mean shit…”

There’s lots of ways to find your “One Thing.”

My recommendation is adding spiritual growth practices to your daily life. Like the best things in life, once you learn the basics, it’s free, effective, and guaranteed to help you find your “one thing.”

Let’s start getting happy!

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