No More Mr. Nice Guy

The gloves are off. No more Mr. Nice Guy.

Because you matter.

Because your life matters.
ts hall—the stoic medium | spiritual teacher and headmaster of Old Soul University
And because, it’s your “Spiritual Highest and Best Good” to accomplish your lessons this lifetime.

That I’m going start telling the unvarnished truths (as I see them) about the realm of spirituality and development.

Because so much matters…

It’s important for you to have people who will tell you the truth.

The best people for that job are your Spirit Guides and Teachers.

But, if you can’t reliably hear what they have to say, you need a champion be your prosy. Your champion needs to be able to communicate with spirit on your behalf while you’re learn to do so yourself. Your champion also needs to accurately evaluate your spiritual progress.

No More Mr. Nice Guy

If you don’t do the work, you will never get the results. Here’s what I’ve learned to be true. You have to…

  • Do the work to be happy.
  • Do the work to be healthy.
  • Do the work to be attractive.
  • Do the work to be psychic.
  • Do the work to be wealthy.
  • Do the work to be in a relationship.
  • Do the work to a healer or a Reiki Master.
  • Do the work to build a career or business.

But, the work you have to do, isn’t the work you think you have to do…

But what’s the work that works?

That’s the million dollar question, isn’t it?  What’s the “right work?”

For me, the right work is “speaking up.” For too long, I’ve timidly hidden in the shadows watching delusional psychics, mediums, and healers pretend to do good works. They’ve pretended to be doing something metaphysical. They’ve convinced themselves that they’re acting in the best interests of those they serve. But virtually everyone I’ve seen and observed doing psychic and healing activities, have no clue what they’re doing.

As my teacher, Gene Larr, would say, “They couldn’t psychicly find their way off a small, flat coffee table.”

I’m done worrying about hurting the feelings of spiritual snowflakes. You deserve better. The world deserves better. They deserve better.

My reward will be helping you, and others, directly experience the love, guidance, and encouragement that your spirit guides and teachers so often offer. It’s a beautiful thing seeing someone having their first, deliberate “psychic experience.”

If you’re spiritually curious or spiritually inclined. Or if you’re a spiritual seeker, someone who is spiritual but not religious. Or maybe you’re an old soul drawn to all things spiritual like a moth to a flame…

Whatever your particular case…

spiritual seekers' mission possibleI will teach you to open the spiritual eyes of your soul to perceive those things spiritual (have an authentic, undeniable psychic experience).

Once you start perceiving those things spiritual, on-command, you transcend suffering, anguish, and struggle. You find a freedom, an emancipation that attracts to you all of your spiritual desires. You have the keys to the Universe. You walk the earth as a God.

We’re starting a Old Soul University in January and I’m it’s headmaster, your spiritual champion.

We teach you to be psychic. You will: Learn By Doing • Display Unmistakable Abilities • Create Life Miracles.

Think of Old Soul U like we’re Hogwarts but for psychics, healers, and mediums.

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