New and Improved Spirituality… My A**

Just kidding! Spiritually speaking, nNothing “new and improved” ever happens in life.

But physically speaking, the same ole stuff keeps happening to new people.

Even though it’s seems new and improved, it’s only so to you in this lifetim.

It’s the same sh*t, different lifetime (SSDL). Just say’n.

new and improved spirituality my assSo why bother?
That’s your million dollar question. It’s the only question that matters this lifetime.

To know the answer to why bother, you must first know the answer to the Big Three Questions:

  • Who am I?
  • Why am I here?
  • Where am I going?

Knowing these answers is essential to becoming a wise old soul who is assured of creating an ideal life this go around.

There are nine steps to knowing these answers. We can break these 9-steps into three levels of awareness. The levels and steps are:

Level 1: Becoming You (be true to yourself).

  • Level 1, Step 1: Being Spiritual Enough
  • Level 1, Step 2: Getting Spiritually Fit
  • Level 1, Step 3: Humanizing Mankind

Level 2: Creating Life (attract, manifest, materialize).

  • Level 2, Step 1: Mastering Your Mind
  • Level 2, Step 2: Mastering Your Healing Abilities
  • Level 2, Step 3: Mastering Your Psychic Abilities

Level 3: Living Happily Ever After (your spiritual eyes wide open).

  • Level 3, Step 1: Conscious Creations
  • Level 3, Step 2: Knowing Your End Game
  • Level 3, Step 3: Understanding The End Game

If you’re still reading this, then it’s almost certainly not the first time you’ve become aware of these steps. Spiritual masters have followed this ageless path sine the dawning of humanity (the verbiage was difference, but the essence has always been the same). Ha! Everything gets a new and improved label, a nomenclature facelift, and modernization and the masses flock to the next greatest thing since sliced bread.

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