Mother Teresa, The World’s Valentine

mother theresa - worlds valentine by ts hall the stoic mediumTranscript

On a day such as today, notice how your hopes, dreams and expectations create your experience. Being someone’s Valentine is wonderful. Loving others without any expectation of reciprocation is something quite different. Your Mother Teresa was the world’s Valentine. Was she not?

A message from my Spirit Guide, Clarissa.

OpEd: Today’s message puts Valentine’s Day in to perspective. Romantic Love verses Unconditionally Loving. There is much confusion about the Law of Attraction and how it works. Why it works or doesn’t. The simple truth there is not “Law of Attraction”. There is “like attracts like”. on a Spiritual and Energetic level. If you’re not pleased with what you’ve attracted in your life this Valentine’s Day, consider taking today’s message from Clarissa literally and begin to love with out expectation of being loved. It’s funny how much love, loving people have in their lives.

There is a warning. Being loving attracts love. Love is NOT romance and everyone your attract into your life is NOT a suitable mate. You will still have to do the work to find the one you want to be with next Valentine’s Day. But, imagine the difference Love will make.