Make Fewer Promises

resentment anger promisesWhen I first met Sean, he was a hot mess with no clue how to get out of the hole he’d dug for himself.

Sean couldn’t sit still for more than a minute without fidgeting. His nerves were gone. His vibration felt like his awareness was always directed over his shoulder.

Sean scheduled a spiritual counseling session, to get help with his meditation practices.

During the session, Sean’s protector guide offered him some guidance. The guidance inferred that Sean’s troubles were because he needed others to like him.

Sean could see how he created a “nice guy” persona. Sean became a selfless helper who volunteered to help others all the time. Everyone knew that Sean always said yes so he felt quite taken advantage of.

Sean couldn’t see why he was so resentful and angry. But he knew these feelings were eating him alive. He was constantly distracted. Sean believed that everyone was taking from him, but no one was offering him anything in return.

During our session, Sean began to see the problem. Whenever he made a promise to help someone, he was lying. His offer had strings. The strings were invisible, but nonetheless real and caused much of Sean’s distress.

When our session ended, Sean decided to stop automatically volunteering to help others. And when someone asked for his help, he would quiet his mind, then consider the request. After proper consideration and if there were no strings attached, he would agree.

It was about a year before Sean’s life began to change. By mastering his new practice, Sean took control of his life. Being free from resentment and anger, Sean started being happy.

Happiness was the icing on Sean’s story. The cherry on top of his story is the courage Sean found to start asking others for help.

Do you have any hot messes in your life?
What actions are causing these consequences?

Let’s start getting happy…

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