How To Get From Magical Thinking To Real Results

Magical thinking is a real, as long as that’s what you believe.

turn magical thinking into real world resultsSpiritually speaking, your thoughts are things—they are real—and exist as thought forms.

I qualify this with “spiritually,” to distinguish between your physical brain’s thinking and the thoughts generated by your mind.

To illustrate how thoughts can be things, look around you. Everything you see and touch began as a thought or series of thoughts by someone.

No idea, no invention, no stuff.

Health and magical thinking

The placebo-effect is magical thinking in action. Whenever there are therapeutic results without a specific drug or therapy, it can be considered as a placebo-effect, or spontaneous remission. No one can explain it, but hesitate to offer any hope that there is anything specific to credit for the result.

Prayers and positive thoughts are considered much in the same way. A fluke rather than a deliberate or intentional result of a properly trained mind.

There is no profit in self-healing.

Mind over matter

Why is it that some people heal themselves (with or without medical intervention) and others die?

The simple answer is mental training and control. Learning to control you mind to have it do your bidding is spiritual mastery 101.

The only question is how much time are you and I willing to devote to learning to properly control our minds?

How to heal like Jesus

There is a 12 to 15 year gap in Jesus’s life in the Bible. Spiritually speaking this is when he undertook very specific training and development that allowed him to perform the miracles of his short ministry.

The other explanation was that he helped his Dad in the family construction business.

My money is on spiritual training and development that allowed him to control our physical world by controlling mental energy.

But who has 12+ years to train in a monastery?

In our modern western world, who has the time to become a healing and miracle worker with the abilities of Jesus?

The good news is with very little training and development you can quickly improve your health and be much happier.

You only have one enemy blocking your progress as a healing and worker of miracles, and that is delusion. In this case, delusion takes on the face of resignation, cynicism, and doubt.

If you’re like me, there is something within you that knows there is truth in what I’ve shared. That same part of you is curious how to experience this type of mental training and control.

Of that’s the case, we’re starting a school in January called Old Soul University.

Old Soul U shows you how to get from magical thinking to magical results.

Here’s a link to join our waiting list for classes.

Imagine creating your ideal life, improving the speed of your healing by 200 and 300%, being able to move physical objects with your mind, know the future, and so much more…

The most certain way to be healthy and happy is to train your mind to manipulate energy through specific mental exercises. That’s what Old Soul U teaches.


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