What Is Life’s Spiritual Meaning?

#SpiritShorts: Spiritual Life Meaning — Today’s message is from Tau Chuan Ling:

The dawning of your awareness begins within as a small but undeniable sense or feeling that there is more to life than meets the eye. Regardless the attention you pay to this feeling, it does not leave you. It does not go away. Just as the sun dawns each day and is unstoppable, this feeling persists within you as an irrepressible wanting for knowledge, understanding, wisdom. As with the sunrise, many days it is blocked by clouds or fog, but you know the sun is there. You see it’s light and feel it’s warmth which you never doubt. The same sense holds true for your awareness. Learn never to doubt it’s existence nor it’s power to illumine your path and warm your life.

life's spiritual meaning with spiritual teacher ts hall the stoic mediumTucked away within your awareness are the answers you seek. With proper training you can learn to trek within, on-command, so you know those answers.

Begin by finding your answers to these three questions which once determined, create the context for your life which in turn give meaning to your every action.

  1. Who Am I?
  2. Why Am I Here?
  3. Where Am I Going?

These answers are simple and as we become more competent at going within and see things as they are, our understanding of these answers deepen and our confidence grows. We Start Taking Charge of our lives and the world becomes our oyster and Your Life’s Spiritual Meaning will guide your every action and you will thrive, living happily ever after.

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