How To Keep It Spiritually Simple (KISS)

Keep It Spiritually Simple has been my koan since 1990.

The KISS Framework (keep it spiritually simple) originated as an engineering design principle. KISS reminds designers to Keep It Simple Stupid. The politically correct variation is Keep It Simple and Straight-Forward.

Whichever variation you prefer, it’s a reminder all young engineers and designers struggle with requiring constant vigilance for successful projects.

  • Simplicity is elegant.
  • Simplicity is functional.
  • Simplicity is intuitive.
  • Most importantly, simplicity is difficult to accomplish.

The first step in solving any problem is “simplification.” Simplification reduces the problem into its simplest terms, its core constituents, its pure essence allowing the solution to be as simple as possible.

To simplify, we must learn to see beyond the veil of obviousness and find the root of the problem, thus allowing for workable solutions that streamline the work.

But what does this have to do with spirituality?

the Stoic medium - ts hall | spiritual teacherMy answer is simple, everything, and nothing.

One fateful day over lunch, I heard the word clairvoyant for the first time, I was your typical, nerdy, problem-solving engineer whose work was programming computers to solve business problems.

But after hearing the word clairvoyant, the trajectory of my life changed. I became curious about what lies beyond the veil of our outward senses.

My quest to simplify spirituality began.

At first, I studied for my understanding and growth. But later, I was called to teach and help others start taking charge of their lives.

The KISS Framework For Spiritual Awakening

KISS Step 1 – Meditate: Specifically, take on a stillness meditation practice.

KISS Step 2 – Skills development: As it turns out, psychic abilities are simply the voice of Spirit. To be spiritual is to be psychic.

KISS Step 3 – Displaying skills: Psychic skills, displayed on-command at first in the privacy of your closet, next in the safe space of a class, then in the world as proof of your mastery.

KISS Step 4 – Proper assessment: By seeing things as they are, miracles become possible. But to become a miracle worker, you must first take care of yourself. If you don’t like you, then consider your skills are deficient.

KISS Step 5 – Become delusion free: Delusion is a lie we’ve told ourselves for so long and so loudly that everyone believes it, including ourselves.

KISS Step 6 – Integrate your skills into every area of your life.

The path of spiritual awakening is quite simple. The moment we can see beyond the veil of our outward senses, it’s easy to Keep It Spiritually Simple.

If you’re ready to begin mastering the KISS Framework, visit www.OldSoul.Academy