Karma Ain’t Justice

image of tshall with a quote karma ain't justiceWhat karma for mobsters?

Imagine you were a lifelong mobster. You had little regard for human life, no respect for law and order. After several decades of living by this set of rules, you decide to testify against your associates and enter the witness protection program.

What’s your karma?

As a reminder, karma is cause and effect. Karma is causation. Karma is reaping what you sow. And most people hope karma is justice, retribution, punishment for some wrong-doing.

BUT karma doesn’t judge.

Only people judge, judging is a human thing. Just humans worry about the actions of other people and concern themselves whether the activities of others are rewarded or punished.

SO when we accept karma as it is and isn’t, we’re free to use it as a powerful tool to change our lives.

Sow tomatoes. Tend tomatoes. Reap tomatoes.

But karma sometimes goes unseen by the physical eyes. There are mental and emotional aspects of our actions.

For our mobster friend, he/she has broken the oath and agreements of his craft. They’ve escaped criminal punishment for their crimes, but they also know the mob punishment is a death sentence.

Is this constant worrying karma?

Only you can judge.

Consider this, what is life like having to look over your shoulder at every turn to see if an assassin is following you.