Intuition Why Have You Forsaken Me?

image quote - intuition where are youRight in the thick of it. Everything feels right. All systems are go…

But then some queer feeling comes over your life a tidal wave. Stopped in your tracks, you survey the situation again and ding it seems perfect. But now that feeling is gone. Or is it?

Dang-it-all. You look high and low, left and right, in and out, but that sucker is gone… You can’t find it anywhere.

The circumstance still seems to measure up, but not your second guessing…
Should I go out with this person?
  • Is this job for real?
  • Is the right place to live?
  • Are they lying to me?

Your mind is moving in a vicious circle like a dog chasing its tail.

WTF happened? The technical term is mind screwing with a side of fear.

Our intuitive knowing cannot get past fear’s blockade. FEAR blocks intuition, gut feelings, ALL psychic inputs.

Fortunately, there is a way to fix this. It’s NOT a hack, but a sure-fire method to hear your intuition on-command. That method is STILLNESS meditation. In a short amount of time, a stillness meditation practice will allow you to calm your emotions, including fear, and see things as they are.

The best part about practicing stillness meditation is mindfulness is a natural outcome or #zenResult. This mindful state allows you to be aware of your inner voice of knowing, on-command.