How a Spiritually Awakened Empath Can Inherit the Earth

The man Jesus foretold the “meek will inherit the earth.” In today’s language, “the meek” are called empaths, old souls, and highly sensitive persons.

If this describes you, I will share how you can grow spiritually and be ready to inherit the earth, live life fully, and start thriving.

My experience as an old soul, empath, highly sensitive person, combined with the experiences of those I’ve taught over the decades, is that fear stops us.

How to Stop Fear From Stopping You

But our greatest fears are delusions.

Fear causes us to see things that are not quite there in three-dimensional reality having us overthink and become overwhelmed, stopped, and stalled. We stagnate and feel stuck in life, all the while those less spiritually evolved around us seem to thrive, but they thrive in one or two areas, not all domains of life.

Today I share the simple process to close the time gap between thought and result as quickly as possible.

Once you learn this, you discover your power. You know the formula for causing good karma, on-command.

With mastery, you will be able to access what you need effortlessly, thus allowing you to harness a limitless energy source to fuel your life. You begin to thrive in preparation for inheriting the earth—the birthright of each spiritually awakened empath, old soul, and highly sensitive person.

The Day I Met Jesus

I remember this day, as though it were this morning. I was laying in bed and had just finished my meditation.

I was looking forward to and creating the day before me.

But I was in a funky space. I was in kind of a weird place.

You see, my spiritual life was going well. My spiritual practices were right on in the privacy of my world.

I was mastering Psychokinesis (my ability to move things with my mind), my ESP (my ability to foretell the future short periods in advance), my spirit communication was getting ever more accurate and verifiable.

But something was missing.

Something was lacking. Suddenly, in a blinding flash of the obvious, I had the thought to connect with Jesus.

I wondered whether I was worthy, whether I was good enough, whether it would work.

Could I conjure up Jesus? Jesu Christi, the Christ?

I invited Jesus to share a lesson or two about my life and the path before me.

I took a deep breath. As I let the breath out, I quieted in my mind, entering a place of quiet receptivity, of thinking, tranquility, a place I like to call the “eye-of-the-storm.”

And as I touched stillness, immediately at the foot of my bed was standing and entity.

I cast my awareness towards the entity, perceiving a man of average height, dark complexion, dark eyes. His eyes were almost black and his nose was prominent and very large. What struck me most was his intensity, deliberateness, and confidence. I had never experienced power like this from any spirit entity and very few human beings in three-dimensional form.

I immediately recognized the presence of Jesu Christi, Jesus, the Christ.

We spent just a few minutes together. For me, our conversation was more of a Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. “I’m not worthy. I’m not worthy.” experience, but he wasn’t having any of that.

Jesus’ basic attitude was, “You asked me here big boy. What do you want to know?”

There wasn’t anything extraordinary. There wasn’t anything magical. There wasn’t anything special about what Jesus said to me.

I had heard similar things to my other spirit guides and teachers the other spirit entities I’d been around for almost a decade.

But it was the intensity, the deliberateness, that confidence of his vibration, of the man who was Jesus, that left me in a gap.

Left me wondering what was lacking in my own life to have that level of worth, that degree of deserve-ability, that level of knowing informing my thoughts and actions.

That day was probably 20 years ago. And I still feel it as though it were yesterday.

It was a milestone moment for me and my life as a spiritualist minister. And as a psychic, medium and healer.

I don’t share my meeting Jesus to impress, to make me look any better than than you, because know that Jesus will appear to anyone capable of seeing him who makes the request with earnest intention.

I share this with you for one reason. And one reason only. To share how my encounter with Jesus, after he honored my request and came into my vibration, came into my presence illuminated the process I’m sharing with you as real.

Spiritual Simplicity

This process is not some theoretical spiritual bullshit that may or may not work.

From my experience, I got the sense, I got the feeling. I got the knowing that this three-step process is the process to having anything you want in your life and is the formula to bring about the good karma you want.

It’s very simple. I wish it was more complex, because like most things spiritual it’s simplicity confuses our rational thinking.

Our brains won’t give it credit, will not lend it credence. Because surely if our brains’ would already fifured out something so simple, yet powerful on their own.

Our brains thrive on the complicated and convoluted

But simplicity works.

The 3Rs Process

We lovingly call this process the 3Rs: Right Meditation. Right Thought. Right Action.

Right meditation clears a space. It’s silence. It introduces us and brings us consciously to now, in this moment. A place of thinking tranquility, of quiet receptivity. The place I like to call the eye of the storm.

In this space, we can see beyond the veils of delusion cast by our outward senses, or our three-dimensional brain. Here we can access our intuitive, knowing, connect with our spirit guides and teachers.

The way is clear for Right Thought. We can consider all options. We can think through all the consequences. We can see what foreshadowing lays before us about the future. We can create an actionable decision, then execute that actionable decision when acted upon immediately, without doubt, without fear, in the context of knowing it’s our next best step to brings about what we want.

Getting what we want causes happiness and a thriving life, eliminates fear and emotional concern and consequences.

This process had me attract the woman I married and create a happy relationship.

This process, over time, has freed me from overthinking overwhelm state of most empaths and highly sensitive persons who fear the consequences of every action way before I took it, causing procrastination.

You see the answers you’re looking for all lie within. You simply need to trust yourself, allow yourself to have the deliberateness, the confidence and the intentionality of the man Jesus.

When you always know the next step you’re about to take is the right step then execute it without reservation, all in, and by so doing get what you want.

Imagine a world where every highly sensitive person, every empath, every old soul was consciously taking their next actions, creating lives of happiness and thriving.

This is a life of perfection, here and now, heaven on earth. If you will.

There would be no space for all of the other nonsense and fear-based actions brought about by so many because you’re here now causing what’s next.

As soon as you connect with this place, you begin to attract around you, others who are open to this idea.

You exemplify your spiritual beliefs in every action you take, consciously bringing about results that you desire, thereby attracting others who are like minds and kindred spirits.

Your life becomes sustainable. And sustainability is attractive. And that attraction will start to bring about people into your life who will knock and informed by the 3RS (Your Right Meditation. Right Thought. Right Action) you will know precisely whom to answer and what to share with them so they experience what you already have mastered what your life exemplifies.

Sound interesting?

Sound fun?

I think so.

You know, I’ve always been a champion of underdogs and the meek. When I first heard about Jesus’ prediction that the meek would inherit the earth, it always rang true to me.

I didn’t know how. I didn’t know the path that would bring me to having this conversation with you, right now, over YouTube. But we are here. We’re having a simple conversation. And I invite you to let me know in the comments…

Are you an empath?
Are you a highly sensitive person?
Are you an old soul?

If what I’m saying rings true, if it feels right, I extend an invitation to SEE FOR YOURSELF if Spiritualism, as a philosophy, as a set of practices, is the right choice for your spiritual journey, this lifetime.

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As we wrap up, I want to thank you for your attention. Thank you for your sensitivity, empathic abilities, and being here as an old soul, learning how to accomplish what you incarnated to bring about this lifetime.

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As we wrap up, I want to say one thing, and that one thing, is simply this: I bless you and leave you with whatever you’re taking away from our brief time together, trusting and knowing that you will use it for your highest and best good, to bring about what you incarnated to bring about. I remind you that spiritual is as spiritual does.