Hiding In Plain Sight

Health and happiness is hiding in plain sight.

But you can’t see them because you’re looking for them with your physical eyes.

Think about the last time you lost your keys. Where did you find them?

You found your keys the last place you looked, right?

But how many times had you looked for them in that very place before seeing them?

When we look for something, we only see what we’re expecting to find. Our physical brain is on the look out for something specific.

The answer to this quandary is that you must see what’s there and not what we’re expect should be there.

To find health and happiness. Or to find an ideal life mate, the perfect career, our inner voice of knowing, we must first quiet our mind. Calm our emotions. Open the spiritual eyes of our souls to see beyond the delusions of our physical eyes.

The moment we stop looking for health and happiness, we can see we’re already on the path right path and can choose to enjoy the beauty that surrounds us while we make adjustments to our course.

Here’s to seeing the health and happiness is already and always there for us.

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