Health & Happiness Weekly: November 05 – 10, 2018

health and happiness blog weekly review

This week’s theme is “thoughts are things.”

Thoughts, not to be confused with thinking, are little bundles of energy that filter our reality.

Learning first to become aware of our reality filters, the to consciously create how we filter/perceive our reality is the biggest step toward our awakening to reality.

In-deed, a noble undertaking.

Go forth and be healthy and happy!

Hiding In Plain Sight

frog image beyond delusion is happiness and health by ts hall thestoicmedium

And the frog said, “enter into thy closet…”

turn magical thinking into real world results

How To Get From Magical Thinking To Real Results

1111 meaning 11-11

Poppycock: 11-11 New Moon Energies. Really!?!

harppiness karma by ts hall - the stoic medium

Happiness by Karma

right action transforms delusion into results

So Ends Delusion