Ghosts Give Sh*tty Hugs

Kobe Bryant’s passing reminded me of this article, so this is a republication. Connect with those you love… While they are still on this side.

I touched his pure essence, free from pain and suffering.

RIP Bob, amy hall's dadBob, my wife’s father died this week. His passing was expected, but are these things ever really understood?

Hospice was on the job, and Amy was told he was close to death. The morning he died, I touched his vibration to see how he was doing. His body and spirit were both present but not for much longer. But I also perceived his fighting spirit, his tenacity, and determination. This was all that was left of this formidable man.

He crossed over several hours later. After learning of his passing, I quieted my mind and again touched his vibration. This time, his physical body didn’t register, and I only felt his spirit, the pure essence of him. He was free from pain. His suffering had ended.

The best way I can describe this experience was like a scene from Hunt For Red October. You know, the obligatory submarine movie scene when the savant sonar operator (with the hearing acumen of a dog) makes a sonar contact and reports it as a ‘biological” contact, probably a whale.

That morning, when I pinged Bob’s vibration and got a psychic “sonar” contact that was biological in nature, albeit quite weak, but solid and real. When I pinged Bob after he crossed over, I touched his vibration, and it was him. But it was him without any biological signature.

His pain and suffering ended with his physical body. He was home. My wife’s Dad was free.

I’m still touched by the beauty I felt in his spirit when freed from the discomfort he experienced in his 92-year-old body.

This was the first time I knew someone would be dying soon and what I experienced brought me great comfort. It’s this comfort I want to share with you.

Many times, after the fact, I’ve touched the vibration of someone who recently crossed over to spirit side. Each time, their essence (spirit) felt like their body but free from the discomforts of their physical (biological) body.

When touching Bob’s spirit vibration, the feeling of fight, tenacity and determination from earlier were gone. Peace and ease were the best way to describe what I felt.

After completing my psychic research, I allowed myself to touch into the vibrations of his daughters (all still living) that’s when I realized they would never receive a hug from their daddy ever again. That’s when I realized that ghosts give shitty hugs.

I recalled the beauty of connecting with my mother’s spirit many times but saddened by not getting a physical mommy hug for over half a decade.

You will give yourself relief if you do every act of your life as if it were the last.

—Marcus Aurelius

Please, today if possible, get a hug from everyone you love and hold dear. Tell those you love, that you love them.

Let’s start getting happy!

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10 thoughts on “Ghosts Give Sh*tty Hugs”

    1. Hey Beverly, I’m glad you found this was comforting. The more I’m around physical entities dying and can experience their Spirit-Selves without physical barriers, the more comforted I get. Hugz, Terry

  1. Thank you for sharing this experience. It is definitely comforting (the perfect word of the hour, I guess) to hear what you have perceived. So glad for Bob and Amy and all of us. And yes, the physical warmth of those we love is always missed, so thank you for the warning.

    1. You’re welcome Lori. Sorry the warning came across as a warning. I will work to have my recommendations be invitations. Hope to see you Sunday. Warmly, Terry

  2. A wonderful post of love and comfort. Thanks for reminding us that there is no reason to fear death any many reasons to accept the release from the physical body and its’ ailments, to return to the peace of unconditional Love that is embodied as Spirit. I am happy for Bob that he is free of pain. Love to Any and you.

    1. Thanks Dave. It is nice to touch Bob’s spirit in its pure spirit form…

      I’ve been pondering what it would be like and what it would take to experience that unconditional love and freedom while incarnate.

      Something to aspire too.

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