Spiritual Tools for Getting Things Done

spirit shorts by stoic medium getting things done

Thoughts. Emotions. Actions. Each an integral part of life. Consider you’re spending to much time trying to control your actions and not enough time controlling your thoughts which in turn control your emotions. A mind in control is the best productivity tool there is.

A message from my Spirit Teacher, Nathanial.

OpEd: The image of a perfectly still lake or pond which reflects it’s surroundings without any distortion, a perfect mirror. A still mind has the same properties a perfect mirror of reality without any distortions. From a still mind (right meditation), leaving stillness and slowly coming back into consciousness, right thought is possible. Your emotions are calm, your senses are at rest and your intuition and knowing are in the foreground and easily perceived. In this magical place, right thought emerges to inform you without delusion. From here, your next steps are certain and nothing will surprise you.

Stephen Covey spoke of sharpening the saw. Keeping your mind, body and spirit fine tuned and working properly to your benefit. Meditation is the essential practice to sharpen the saw. It is the predecessor to right thought and action. Stillness creates a context of reality and knowing where your choices are made for your highest and best good. In this pristine space, your perspective allows your priorities to fall naturally into place. Albeit, not necessarily the same order your boss or you ego may feel as the most important.

While this is not a quick fix, super app or even a solution to today’s most pressing problems; it is the solution in the long term to living a life of your choosing and doing so abundantly.