Forsaken: When In Doubt, Follow Your Intuition

I share this video is to illustrate there is no one right answer for everyone.

But there is a right answer for you and how you choose to live your life.

We each know, or at least suspect, what makes of happy. We have a sense of what feels right to us. But fear or a lack of awareness block our ability to trust what it is we know—what we feel.

Below is a video recommended to me on YouTube. The title got my attention.

When I watched this story, it summed up many of the problems that face all human beings.

We each must decide if we want to stay safely in the flock or become independent in our spirituality.

Frank Coleman summed up my feelings about this story in his YouTube comment: “The saddest part about this video is not your story. It’s the comments from believers.” I’ve added more YouTuber’s comments below.


Here are several comments from the YouTube Post:

  • From Benedith: “Jesus did nothing wrong and he died a brutally savage death.”
  • From Paco: “I pray that Michael, Lisa and the kids gets drawn to Jesus and become a champion for God’s word.”
  • From Dwin: “People becoming lovers of themselves not centered to God..”
  • From Truth: “Thanks again buzzfeed for misrepresenting someone again all in the name of atheism, because when you have no basis for morals then why not?”
  • From Mark: “what happens in this world is horrifying, but God has a plan to right all the wrong.”

What’s the take away? Simply this. everything in this world that isn’t an organic being was invented by human beings. Religion, government, God, Spirit and our relationship with Spirit, churches, science, marriage, etc. Humanity created everything.

To comprehend your truth is the outcome of growing spiritually. The moment you experience your truth, your perception changes. From this moment forward you get to decide what works and doesn’t work in your life and lasting happiness begins to become a reality for you and your life.

Let’s start getting happy!

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