[VIDEO] How To Stop Excessive Worrying and OverThinking Everything?

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Stop Excessive Worry With These Spiritual Practices

How Stop Excessive Worry and Overthinking was inspired by Eckhart Tolle , TS Hall ∞ the Stoic Medium, explores incessant overthinking or our addiction to thinking.

In this online spiritualist church talk, he offers several practices so you develop the skills needed to stop overthinking everything and quiet your mind from excessive uncontrolled thoughts, so you can be present, find your purpose, become happy and thrive.

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These principles, practices and skills are based on his class “Spiritualism Made Simple” available at https://OldSoul.Academy

Learning to stop excessive thinking and overthinking is like trying to untie the Gordian Knot. It’s impossible with your current level of mental conditioning. Today we will look at the principles, skills and practices to keep you present, here and now, engaged in right thought so you can find your purpose then stay the course to happy, thriving life.

Welcome to Spirit360 Fellowship, an online spiritualist church, where we old souls and kindrid spirits gather to discover who they are, why they’re here and where they’re going this lifetime.

From the moment of your birth, you’ve had one objective… to survive. It’s the basic operating system for all animals and is driven my our instincts.

During our childhood and young adulthood, every interaction with the world created a set of beliefs, rules, and mindset to help you survive a chaotic world. Each of these experiences were embraced, filed away and dutifully mapped by your sub-conscious mind.

Many times today’s experience did not map directly into your existing map of the world so a new rule was created. Eventually, your map of the world began to resemble a Gordian Knot, A perfectly logical map of the world that works for you. How do we know it works, because you here, now listening to this. But when we try to explain our beliefs and actions to others they tend to cock their heads like a confused dog.
Your untrained mind is like a Gordian knot that seems impossible to untangle but works perfectly you you.
Excessive overthinking is our brain’s effort to control reality and make it fit into our personal map of the world.

To stop the habit of excessive overthinking everything, we must train the brain. This mental conditioning is needed to so we can see things as they really are and not as we think they are.

We’ve discussed many times the need to reconcile our personal truths (the Gordian Knot) with an objective truth that is the same for everyone.

To do this, we begin my practicing meditation, specifically stillness meditation which trains the brain to be silent. After touching stillness or silence we can then train brains to remain quiet and receptive to those things spiritual (our intuition), I consider this a place of thinking tranquility where our brain follows our instructions. Some call this being mindful.

Here we are free from excessive thoughts and obsessive overthinking.