And the frog said, “enter into thy closet…”

Imagine happening upon a frog, a real slimy critter, saying “enter into thy closet…”

frog image beyond delusion is happiness and health by ts hall thestoicmediumYou recgonize the words of Jesus from Matthew 6:6, but Would you stop and pay attention to what was being said?


Would you keep looking at your phone?

Would you doubt the experience?

Would you discount what’s happening and file it away as some type of gimmick or trick?


Just how many times every day answers and wisdom enter your awareness, but get ignored?

Truth and wisdom has a certain “ring” to it, that is if you’re paying attention.


Health and happiness are an action or two away. But delusion prevents you from clearly seeing what actions will change your circumstance.


Delusion can not survive the light of awareness. Awareness is yours for the taking. The only thing that’s needed is a receptive mind in control.


If you’re receptive to having health and happiness, then meditation will give you the mental control needed to see things as they are and allow you to focus on your best next action to bring about the life you want.

The next time you hear the truth, you have the option of hearing what’s said and taking the appropriate actions.

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