Engineering Happiness In 4-Steps

engineering happiness with ts hallImagine being happy in every area of your life…

  • You’re happy at work and play.
  • When you see your naked reflection in the mirror, you smile.
  • Your community is a perfect mix of friends, family, and romance.
  • Contentment best describes how you feel about your finances and dwelling.
  • Your body-mind-spirit connection exemplifies spiritual mastery.

Happiness is a state of being, consciously created.

Engineering is creating a specific outcome by taking the right actions.

Right actions are unique to you and derived from your conscious awareness.

Engineering Happiness is creating your ideal life. Here are the 4-steps to Engineering Happiness:

  1. Become conscious (two paths)
    1. The Spiritual Growth Path (yin). Spiritual Growth is mastering the practices to open the spiritual eyes of your soul. Once open, you become spiritually self-referential and free from delusion. Your spirit-self guides your actions.
    2. The Life Mastery Path (yang). Life mastery uses the collective wisdom, and experience of a group to help you know the right actions. The group provides accountability for getting the actions done.
    3. Which path is right for you?
      1. If spirituality feels like a part of your life like exercise, then Life Mastery if the path for you.
      2. If spirituality feels like a calling that draws you to it like a moth to a flame, the spiritual growth is the path for you.
      3. Some will want to take both paths concurrently. While not encouraged, it is possible.
  2. Consciously Know (prepare to act)
    1. See yourself taking the next step and succeeding.
    2. Notice anyplace you’re not confident you will succeed.
  3. Consciously Act (mindfully take the step)
    1. Schedule your action at a real-time and space and keep your appointment.
  4. Consciously Review (repeat as needed)
    1. We live in a real world where results speak for themselves. Review your results. Are you happy with what you created? Move on to what’s next.
    2. If you’re not happy with the results, then repeat as needed until you become happy.

Using this process, you can engineer happiness in every area of your life and thereby create your ideal life.

Let’s start getting happy!

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