How To Kill The Dream Killers

how to kill the dream killers by ts hall-the stoic mediumOne thing for sure about being around grand kids, they are immune to the dream killers. Kids seem to be directly connected to dreams, possibilities, and imagination.

But somewhere between the first and twelfth grades everyone seems to lose the their keys to dreaming. The first dream killer that distracts us from our dreams is… time. I think this first killer shows up shortly after our last, true summer vacation.

You have a daily allotment of hours but your allotment of days is uncertain. Then something odd happens, quite slowly at first, then all of a sudden, our days grow shorter and time passes impossibly fast.

This phenomenon is caused by the second dream killer… ruts. Ruts are unconsciously created patterns of thinking and action that guide us (like train rails) silently to our graves.

Most of us will die with a whimper, mere shadows of our former selves, We die with our dreams unfulfilled possibilities and often long forgotten.

These two four-letter words, time and ruts, kill more dreams than anything else I’ve experienced.

Fortunately there is an antidote that’s 100% effective, but you have to make it yourself — you can’t buy it, at any price.

The antidote is spiritual fitness. Beginning a spiritual fitness program is a key that opens a door to your awareness. When you step across the threshold into your awareness you can see if the path you’re walking has become a rut. Because only then do you have a choice about how you use your daily allotment of time.

You can forge this key, this antidote to wasting your time walking in a rut, by beginning something we call… 3-Rs Spiritual Fitness.

We teach 3-Rs Spiritual Fitness at Old Soul University — classes begin January. Go here to join our waiting list for classes.

If you are breathing, you still have time to start fulfilling your dreams but only if your kick the dreams killer’s butts.

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