define: Love

Love is harmony brought about by acceptance.

define love - by ts hall-the stoic mediumHarmony is the result of adherence to these simple rules:

  • Moderation
    • Avoid excess in all things. Walk the middle path, the straight and narrow.
  •  Non-interference
    • Never causing anyone to do anything they would not have already done.
    • To interfere requires deliberate intent. Accidents are not interference.
    • This is a universal prime directive.
  • No distractions of any kind
    • Distractions make connecting and advancement virtually impossible.
    • Think of those who live in monasteries, they do so to avoid distractions.

Acceptance is a mindset and attitude of tolerance. When we accept another exactly as they are and are not, we can easily love them. Acceptance also makes following harmony’s three rules possible.

Like all good things in and about life, love is free. Loving is a conscious choice. Being loved is our birthright.

The  work required is love and be loved is to quiet your mind to the point harmonious actions and acceptance are automatic behaviors.

Go forth and love and be loved deeply!