Creating the Life You Want

#spiritshorts match your reality with your presumptions

Examine your presumptions about yourself, life and others. Are they true or simply convenient?

—From Gene

OpEd: All never know what the messages or topics will be as I sit do to get them. I receive the messages using clairaudience so I perceive their meaning as I transcribe the message. Today, Gene’s message was very short and direct. When we got to the end, I presumed there would be more to the message. But there wasn’t Gene was silent and grinning slightly. The emphasis is on my presumptions. As I’ve prepared this message to share with you, I’ve been in an inquiry, contemplating where I have presumptions. An easier assignment would be where I don’t have presumptions.

I have no answers for myself at this time, but I do know that I committed to creating living a life my way and using my ministry to help you live life your way. To do so, we have to become very clear that we have very little control over our minds which have created elaborate constructs of presumptions, assumptions, filters and blind spots intended to help us survive. Un-weaving this tapestry takes time, commitment and meditation. Living your live your way and my way is a conscious choice and one only available with complete awareness. Awareness of self, others and life.

Enjoy the journey.