Mini-Class: How To Control Depression

Mini-Class: Control Depression Using Spiritual Tools

For me, Depression an abscess on my soul that love healed.


In this mini-class, I will share how I can finally started breathing and getting things done (like this video) which have been on my to do list for over 7 years despite feeling depressed and anxious most of the time, every day.

I’ll share with you the 3 things that had me get out of my head, off the couch, and into action.
More importantly, I’m taking RIGHT ACTIONS doing what I’ve always known that I’m here to do but was too stuck in a ditch between depression and anxiety to get done…

Hi I’m TS Hall – the Stoic Medium, a spiritual teacher who instructs old souls how to Start Taking Charge of their lives by training the one thing within their absolute control… their mind…

This video is NOT medical advice. I am a Spiritualist Minister and Healer who insists you seek a medical opinion and treatment plan for your ailments. The meditation and spiritual practices I mention in this video complement and enhance medical treatments and are NOT meant as a replacement.

In this mini-class you will learn the Spiritual Tools I use to get things done while managing chronic depression and anxiety, NOT a clinical depression.

No, my depression was more like an abscess on my soul. A deep mournful regret of unfulfilled dreams. A lifetime of resentment built up by my helping others but never helping myself. The bitterness and anger of overthinking everything and rarely accomplishing anything that I wanted. Of starting so many things but rarely finishing anything.

I began taking care of my health and the results are rippling through every area of my life.

Here’s what worked for me and for those I’ve instructed and taught over the years.

It’s a 3-part simple process, I call the Zen Results Method.

A champion + A Process + Displayable Skills

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