Spirit Shorts are inspirational messages from the Spirit Guides and Teachers of TS Hall ∞ the Stoic Medium and spiritual teacher. Nothing new happens in life, it just keeps happening to different people. Spirit Shorts shares the timeless wisdom to assist you in getting through your life’s challenges so you can Start Taking Charge and begin to thrive.

Take Note of Your Progress and Thrive

journaling your progress speeds your spiritual progress

Transcription As you navigate life’s changes, do you take time to notice your progress? For indeed, not doing so diminishes yourself just as not watering a plant diminishes it’s vitality. — From Tau Chuan Ling   To speed your spiritual progression, track your progress in your journal. Your results are sure to surprise you one …

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Your Future Starts Today

your thoughts are the seeds of your future - spiritshorts with ts hall the stoic medium

Transcript Look beyond the physical senses for the answers to your question. Within your mind is a place of knowing and understanding. The answers you find there, when cultivated will yield great rewards. Start cultivating it today. Meditate. —From Nathan Imagine always knowing what results your next actions will produce. Your thoughts are things. When …

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Be Still and Know Spirit

spirit shorts with ts hall the stoic medium - be still and know spirit

Improve your psychic powers by cultivating your mind Transcript When looking beyond your physical senses for answers be sure to still your mind prior to beginning. For indeed your psychic abilities can never blossom in a field filled with weeds. Cultivate your mind with care and it will yield most the remarkable fruits. —From Nathan …

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Success Is A Matter of Perception

Transcript The measure of your success is a matter of perception. Are you perceiving things as they are or as you wish them to be? To know, notice your thoughts upon awaking each day. Are they happy thoughts or sad? Listen to their message. From Tau Chuan Ling There is a golden hour of awareness …

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Mother Teresa, The World’s Valentine

spirituality blog post - mother theresa valentine the stoic medium ts hall

Transcript On a day such as today, notice how your hopes, dreams and expectations create your experience. Being someone’s Valentine is wonderful. Loving others without any expectation of reciprocation is something quite different. Your Mother Teresa was the world’s Valentine. Was she not? A message from my Spirit Guide, Clarissa. OpEd: Today’s message puts Valentine’s …

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Be Silent and Prosper

#spiritshorts with ts hall the stoic medium

It’s said that silence is golden. What better value can you place on something that costs so little yet yields such grand rewards. Give yourself the gift of silence and you will prosper. —From Tau Chuan Ling OpEd: It’s said that silence is golden, imagine the riches available to one who can still their mind, …

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Creating the Life You Want

#spiritshorts - the life you want by ts hall ∞ the stoic medium

Examine your presumptions about yourself, life and others. Are they true or simply convenient? —From Gene OpEd: All never know what the messages or topics will be as I sit do to get them. I receive the messages using clairaudience so I perceive their meaning as I transcribe the message. Today, Gene’s message was very …

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Attracting Love and Companionship

attracting love and companionship

#SpiritShorts: Today’s message is from Nathanial: There is nothing magical about love and attraction. Most hold that there is some mystical destiny to be fulfilled in their life the moment the right person enters their vibration. The simple truth being the anything you so believe will become the reality of your existence, especially in matters …

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