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The Spiritualism and Spirituality Blog is intended for Spiritual but not Irrational people seeking answers to life’s problems and challenges and somehow know there is more to life than meets the eye.

These old souls aren’t seeking proof for what they know but rather seek explanations that correspond with their experiences so they can learn to master life by mastering themselves.

Be Silent and Prosper

It’s said that silence is golden. What better value can you place on something that costs so little yet yields such grand rewards. Give yourself the gift of silence and you will prosper. —From Tau Chuan Ling OpEd: It’s said that silence is golden, imagine the riches available to one who can still their mind, …

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Creating the Life You Want

Examine your presumptions about yourself, life and others. Are they true or simply convenient? —From Gene OpEd: All never know what the messages or topics will be as I sit do to get them. I receive the messages using clairaudience so I perceive their meaning as I transcribe the message. Today, Gene’s message was very …

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[VIDEO] The Best Meditation for Anxiety and Depression

Stillness Meditation Helps End Anxiety and Depression… This video explains why. When asked, everyone says they know they should be meditating. But with some many meditation type and techniques, which one is best? Which meditation technique is right for you? If you’re an old soul, introvert or overthinker who deals with anxiety, depression and stress …

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