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Train the Beast to Free the Spirit

image od ts hall the righactioneer with quote train the beast to free the spirit

We’re all animals, beasts in every sense of the word. BUT as human animals, we have one big difference… We have oversized brains that allow for abstract thought. Therefore there’s good news and bad news… The good news being we can learn lessons by inference. Said differently, we can learn from the mistakes others have…

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Who’s your buddy? Who’s your pal?

You know it’s there. You’ve heard its voice from time to time in your dreams, gut-feelings, intuitions, hunches, and premonitions. When you hear it, it’s always right on and deadly accurate, informing you about people, situations, circumstances, and events. BUT where is it when you need it the most? This information is from your spirit-self.…

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Karma Ain’t Justice

image with karma ain't justice next to ts hall's picture.

What karma for mobsters? Imagine you were a lifelong mobster. You had little regard for human life, no respect for law and order. After several decades of living by this set of rules, you decide to testify against your associates and enter the witness protection program. What’s your karma? As a reminder, karma is cause…

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When Shit Happens

when shit happens banner - clean it up and move on... be ts hall @zenResults

You plan. You rehearse. Your prepare and practice. And you’re ready as you’ll ever be. Geronimo… your off to do your thing… BUT, no plan survives contact with the Real World and inevitably your wallowing in shit, most often someone else’s shit. What’s an old soul to do? Just clean up the mess and take…

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Discerning Between Intuition and Lust

image of ts hall with the title intuitino vs lust

It’s happened too many times… I’m across from a lovely old soul, seeker, empath, or lightworker who’s describing, “Another painful breakup. More wasted time. Countless hours of needless suffering and more drama than ‘Game of Thrones.'” But I thought this one was “The One,” they inevitably proclaim in utter disbelief. Another case of me not…

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Change Happens

ya gotta learn to embrace change and it timing

Too many times we spend our lives out of synch with the way change works. Change is the only constant in the Universe and marches to its own beat. We can tune ourselves to the ebbs and flows of our outer world but when it comes to our personal development, awareness, and growth we’re seemingly…

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Being Rational Yet Spiritual

being rational yet spiritual at zenResults

The emotional pain was excruciating. I was stuck. My answer would decide the outcome for our team. I heard a soft voice behind me whisper, “No pressure.” No pressure my ass. Everything pointed to the traditional answer, and everyone around me knew what that answer was and needed me to act on that answer. But,…

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Intuition Why Have You Forsaken Me?

image quote - intuition where are you

Right in the thick of it. Everything feels right. All systems are go… But then some queer feeling comes over your life a tidal wave. Stopped in your tracks, you survey the situation again and ding it seems perfect. But now that feeling is gone. Or is it? Dang-it-all. You look high and low, left…

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Quiet Your Mind – Find Your Truth

quiet your mind with stillness meditation

The answers you seek are as unique to you as your DNA. Just as your fingerprints are yours alone (even identical twin’s fingerprints are unique), your success formula is uniquely yours. Fortunately, there is a custom designed owner’s manual exclusively for you. BUT it’s buried beneath the thunder of your mind. To find your owner’s…

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Quashing Anxiety and Depression

how to quash anxiety and depression by ts hall - the stoic medium

Quashing anxiety and depression is essential for true health and happiness. But how? There seem to be countless options, from medications to diet and exercise. But what works? The following is a simple three step solution to end anxiety and depression’s paralyzing consequences. Please NOTE: This not a quick fix. Nor will it completely quash…

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