Quashing Anxiety and Depression

how to quash anxiety and depression by ts hall - the stoic medium

Quashing anxiety and depression is essential for true health and happiness. But how? There seem to be countless options, from medications to diet and exercise. But what works? The following is a simple three step solution to end anxiety and depression’s paralyzing consequences. Please NOTE: This not a quick fix. Nor will it completely quash…

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How To Kill The Dream Killers

how to kill the dream killers by ts hall-the stoic medium

One thing for sure about being around grand kids, they are immune to the dream killers. Kids seem to be directly connected to dreams, possibilities, and imagination. But somewhere between the first and twelfth grades everyone seems to lose the their keys to dreaming. The first dream killer that distracts us from our dreams is……

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10 by 2 Meditation

10 by 2 meditation practice

You already know that meditation is the foundation of spiritual growth. The 10 by 2 meditation practice is the best method for psychics, healers and mediums to master for on-command performance of their abilities. 10 by 2 mediation is meditating 10 minutes, twice each day. The meditation practice has two 5-minute segments. Five minutes of…

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The Five Deadly Meditation Sins

5 deadly meditation sins by ts hall - the stoic medium

To sin is to miss the mark. As with all practice, meditation sins are a natural part of mastering a skill or ability. A master can still their mind on-command. Here are the fives most common ways people miss the mark in their meditation practices — in no particular order. Having a goal vs an…

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Health & Happiness Weekly: November 05 – 10, 2018

ts hall - the stoic medium's health and happiness blog weekly review

This week’s theme is “thoughts are things.” Thoughts, not to be confused with thinking, are little bundles of energy that filter our reality. Learning first to become aware of our reality filters, the to consciously create how we filter/perceive our reality is the biggest step toward our awakening to reality. In-deed, a noble undertaking. Go…

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So Ends Delusion

right action transforms delusion into results

Business philosopher, Jim Rohn, said this about delusion: Affirmation without discipline is the beginning of delusion. Spiritually speaking, I agree. Discipline is the key to progress. But it’s the discernment and execution of right action that results in a spiritually significant life. Said differently, positive thought without action is a fantasy and most fantasies are…

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Happiness by Karma

harppiness karma by ts hall - the stoic medium

“Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.” — Dalai Lama Your “right actions” result in happiness. Carry on, be happy.

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Poppycock: 11-11 New Moon Energies. Really!?!

1111 meaning 11-11

Nestled between religious dogma and magical thinking is the spiritual truth behind 11-11 meaning. Astrology and numerology are magical thinking steeped in thousands of years of superstition. Imagine if you will that the last fortune cookie you received changed the course of your life. Has a fortune cookie ever changed the course of your life?…

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How To Get From Magical Thinking To Real Results

turn magical thinking into real world results

Magical thinking is a real, as long as that’s what you believe. Spiritually speaking, your thoughts are things—they are real—and exist as thought forms. I qualify this with “spiritually,” to distinguish between your physical brain’s thinking and the thoughts generated by your mind. To illustrate how thoughts can be things, look around you. Everything you…

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And the frog said, “enter into thy closet…”

frog image beyond delusion is happiness and health by ts hall thestoicmedium

Imagine happening upon a frog, a real slimy critter, saying “enter into thy closet…” You recgonize the words of Jesus from Matthew 6:6, but Would you stop and pay attention to what was being said? OR… Would you keep looking at your phone? Would you doubt the experience? Would you discount what’s happening and file…

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