Attracting Love and Companionship

#SpiritShorts: Today’s message is from Nathanial:

There is nothing magical about love and attraction. Most hold that there is some mystical destiny to be fulfilled in their life the moment the right person enters their vibration. The simple truth being the anything you so believe will become the reality of your existence, especially in matters of the heart. Therein lies the problem. Considering love to be heart-based propagates the myths about love. If you struggle to find a lover, the problem may very well be you’re not clear on what it is you want. Ponder the difference between love and companionship. Which do you seek?

attracting love and companionship
Too many times we are so focused on what we don’t want, it overshadows what we want.

  • What life do you want?
  • With whom do you want to grow old?
  • Who is the peanut butter to your jelly?
    • Green eggs to your ham?

Begin by enjoying your own company then be very choosy about who you invite into this space.