[VIDEO] How To Accelerate Your Spiritual Awakening

Psychic Development Accelerates Spiritual Awakening

If you’re serious about experiencing a spiritual awaking then develop the ability to display undeniable psychic skills, on-command and you will accelerate your spiritual awakening

ESP and psychic abilities are your direct access to spirit (or God if you prefer).

In this video, I will show you how to Start Taking Charge of your Spiritual Awakening by taking the first steps to developing psychic skills that you can display on-command.

If you recall, Spiritual Awakening Step 1 is a stillness meditation practice. There’s a link in the comments.

Spiritual Awakening Step 2 builds on the shoulders of step 1.

After touching stillness (absence of thought) you linger in a place of thinking tranquility, of quiet receptivity. This isn’t mindfulness, but rather a step below that. Your mind is quiet but your consciously aware of yourself and your surroundings.

This is where you can perceive those things spiritual. You see, your spirit or etheric body has senses that correspond with your physical senses but perceive information on an energetic level rather than a physical level.

When your mind is quite and not distracted by the physical senses, you can train yourself to become aware of your spiritual or psychic senses.

The skill that needs to be developed is perceiving this psychic information without reading between the lines and misinterpreting the information based on our physical understanding of the world.

From time to time we’ve all experienced some form of ESP or psychic information.

  • Someone calls you and you know exactly who it is before you see the caller id.
  • Someone close to you enters the room and you know they’re there and their mood before hearing or seeing them.
  • You get a very strong and profound sense that something is wrong and shortly later you learn that a close friend, pet or loved one was injured or died.
  • You wake up at night and see a departed loved one standing by your bed and you experience their love and acceptance.

But these happen randomly and this ability seems nowhere to be found when you need them most.

There is a simple, but not at all easy, way to develop your psychic abilities, on-command. I call this process the Zen Results Method and I teach it at the Old Soul Academy. Ask your questions in the comment, like, subscribe and click the bell.

There are two basic psychic skills to master to Start Taking Charge of your life: Premonitions and discernment of vibrations.

Premonitions occur because the probability that is your future projects a shadow before it, the closer the event the more likely it will occur and the less likely it can be changed.

Discernment of vibrations begins with our physical environment then extends into the non-physical or metaphysical realm.

You will need 1 tool to begin mastering both of these skills.

Get a deck of playing cards with a blue backing. Remove all the face cards and wallah you have the most useful practice tool to improve your psychic abilities with instant, verifiable, undeniable feedback.

Premonitions & Vibrational Discernment

Information from spiritual or psychic senses just feels different. You’re looking to fine tune you ability to perceive these senses as naturally as your have your physical senses.

Step 1: How do you use this: Practice Stillness meditation for 10 minutes twice a day to carve a neural path to a quite, receptive mind you can take any time you choose.

Step 2: Practice developing your premonition and discernment skills 2 or 3 times each week. I recommend splitting the deck in two and doing 20 cards for premonition and 20 cards for vibrational discernment.

That’s it. Spiritual Awakening is a scenic overview along your path to accomplishing what you incarnated to do this life. A subtle reminder that it’s the journey to a destination of your choosing that matters most.