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Hi, I'm TS Hall—the Stoic Medium

I teach old souls and spiritual seekers how to rediscover spirit by opening the spiritual eyes of their soul. Once open you will know your path, blaze a trail to your future, and fastrek happiness.

We've created two ways for you to start opening the spiritual eyes of your soul.

  • You can master your psychic powers at the Psychic Dojo.
  • You can explore your spirituality at the Spirit360 Fellowship.

the Psychic Dojo Master Your Psychic Powers

Meditation is the foundation upon which your psychic abiliities are developed.

TS Hall is Sensei at the Psychic Dojo.

Spirit360 Fellowship An online Spiritual Community

A safe, loving place for Spiritual growth.

TS Hall is the founding Director at Spirit360 Fellowship.

I'm a spiritual teacher who helps old souls rediscover spirit. By spirit, I mean: your spirit-self, your spirit for living, and your spirit guides and teachers.

For more than thirty years, I've taught people to meditate, look within, trust their inner voice, heal themselves and others, and love unconditionally.

Over these years, I've been learning too.

In my professional life, I've struggled making money. I did what I had to do to make the money. Because I felt I needed to be independently wealthy before I could teach more people to grow spiritually and love themselves.

A funny thing happened. The day I quit trying to make money to be ordained as a Spiritualist Minister, my struggles ended.

Everyday since my ordination has brought me closer to my financial goals.

Welcome to my blog. This is my online spiritual journal—a record of my spiritual growth and progression.

In addition to spiritual topics, I will blog about my varied interests, share my of opinions, thoughts, and insights about life, master, results, and happiness.

Go forth and let your light shine.

Be happy,
TS Hall
the Stoic Medium