Poppycock: 11-11 New Moon Energies. Really!?!

Nestled between religious dogma and magical thinking is the spiritual truth behind 11-11 meaning.
1111 meaning 11-11
Astrology and numerology are magical thinking steeped in thousands of years of superstition.

Imagine if you will that the last fortune cookie you received changed the course of your life.

Has a fortune cookie ever changed the course of your life?

What about the life of anyone you know?

Other than being symmetrical, there is no significance of meaning to 11-11, or any other sequence of numbers.

Spend your time, energy and efforts mastering to control energy with your mind. Doing so will pay huge dividends.

The spiritual truth about 11-11 of any number or sequence of numbers is there is no inherent power, significance, or meaning other than what you project onto them.

There is one element of truth about the meaning of a new moon regardless of the date it occurs. The moon marks the passage of time which helps us stay focused and on track.

11-11 is a day like any other day with the energy and intention you allow.