START TAKING CHARGE We Teach Spiritual Transformation Skills So You Can Change Everything, Find Happiness & Thrive

rev ts hall the stoic medium and spiritual teacher

Do You Struggle With...

  • Uncontrolled Emotions
  • Saying What You Mean
  • Feeling Heard
  • Trouble Sleeping
  • Being Socially Awkward
  • Getting Things Done
  • Chronic Lateness
  • Complete Overhelm
  • Overthinking Everything
  • Self Acceptance

We understand how you feel...

As Old Souls, we somehow know there's more to life than meets the eye. Many call this knowing intuition or a "sixth-sense".

The problem is that most people can't see what we see and they can't understand how we know the things we know.

Because of this, we learn to keep everything to ourselves which leads to being so confused and overwhelmed that we doubt ourselves and do nothing.

ts hall is the stoic medium, a spiritualist minister, spiritual teacher, spiritual life coach

I'm TS Hall—the Stoic Medium and I help old souls, who overthink everything, START TAKING CHARGE.

The 3Rs Process is the fastest way to take charge of your thoughts, feelings and emotions so you create the life you want.

Right Meditation Still Your Mind

Nothing can be heard through the thunder of your mind. Right Meditation makes your mind the eye of the storm in a chaotic world.

Right Thought Know What's Best

With a still mind, we can discern between instinct and intuition. This discernment is known as Right Thought and allows us to make actionable decisions.

Right Action Get Things Done

Right Actions cause our intended results without negative impact on us or our community. This "good karma" in turn starts to create a thriving life.

Imagine feeling so calm, drama free and confident that you're always certain what your next step should be and where it will lead you.

NEED SOME QUICK GUIDANCE? Schedual An Actionable Spiritual Reading

Until you master the 3Rs, I offer Spiritual Readings that help you make
Actionable Decisions that help you start taking charge of your life.

I'm available most days to help you make Spirit Informed, Actionable Decisions. Please use this scheduling service where you only pay for the time you need.