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Corny? You're damn right!
But why the hell not?

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Old Soul University, a spiritual and psychic development school.

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There are only two reasons you're not getting things done.

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Hi, I'm TS Hall — the Stoic Medium.

You should never believe or accept anything at face value.

But rather learn for yourself to master the skills taught by the great spiritual masters.

Once you've learned to perform these skills yourself, YOU can decide their value your life and proceed according to your knowing.

If this approach feels right, let's get started. If not, good luck on your spiritual quest for the truth.

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We created the Old Soul University to help inform and instruct spiritual seekers and old souls in a simple spirituality that works.


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Old Soul U opens September 2018

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There are only two reasons you're not happy in your life.

1) You don't know what to do

2) You're not doing what you know to do. Right Actioneers helps with the latter.

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Right Actioneers Circles begin September 2018.

Creating Zen Results

Terry's personal blog where rationally minded people find spiritual ways to create extraordinary results.

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Spirit360 Fellowship an Online Spiritualist Church

Spirit360 Fellowship is an online Spiritualist Church helping you rediscover your spirit and live a meaningful purpose.

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